Arguably, the kitchen has become the new "living room" of the American home. A place to entertain guests or just catch up with close family members, the kitchen has evolved into more than simply a space for cooking great meals. Given this, today's kitchen plan must integrate its necessity for being a multi-purpose gathering and social area with its role as a highly functional area for food preparation and storage. Potomac Designs accomplishes this feat through technical expertise and thoughtful planning, working closely with clients in order to achieve their personal objectives.

"Listening to my clients is crucial to discovering what their kitchen needs to do for them," says Carole Lindenberg, President of Potomac Designs. "Good design for a kitchen or bath is essential, not only to ensure efficiency and the enjoyment of the people who use them, but also to maximize the investment that they represent. A well-designed kitchen can return 100 percent of the homeowner's investment when the house is sold. That makes the choice of hiring a qualified designer a critical step in the process."


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